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You’ve just taken a decisive step toward obtaining the best answering service around. (Yes, we’re a bit biased about the quality service we provide but know that you’re doing business with a company that is proud of who they are and what they do.)

We received the information you submitted and are excited to begin customizing your account. We’ll be in touch if we have any questions along the way.

It can take anywhere from four hours to two days to get everything set up exactly right. More involved configurations could take a bit longer. Know that we’ll do what it takes to meet your expectations and won’t take any shortcuts. Your business is too important for that.

In a few minutes, we’ll send a “Welcome” email to you using the email address you listed as the “Answering Service Account Contact Person” on the sign-up form.

The email will cover everything you need to know to begin using your new answering service account with us.

In the meantime, feel free to visit our Client Help Desk and Knowledge Base to view common onboarding questions, such as account setup, call forwarding, billing, and much more.

We recommend that you bookmark this page for future reference.

As we work on setting up your account, you can decide what method or methods you want to use to forward—or route—your calls to us. There are five primary options to consider. Check out our help article How do I get my phones to ring at the answering service?

As soon as your account is complete and ready to use, we’ll email your Answering Service Account Contact Person.

The subject line will be “Call Forwarding Number notification email.”

The email will give you your call forwarding telephone number. You can begin using our service right away when you forward your phones to that number. (Alternately, some clients refer their customers to that number to reach us and leave a message.)

Thank you for trusting your phones to us. We so appreciate your business.


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