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Pick Your Plan

Look at the rate sheet we sent you. Choose a package that covers all your historical or expected usage for the billing cycle.

This base rate is what our answering service will cost you each billing cycle. It’s that simple.

But if unexpected traffic occurs, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll answer all those extra calls and simply charge the low fee of 79 cents a minute for the additional work.

Estimating Your Usage

If you don’t know how much time you’ll use, start by estimating the number of calls you expect us to answer for you in one weekday. Multiply it by five. Now add the number of calls you expect us to receive on Saturday and Sunday. This is the number of calls you expect to receive each week.

Then multiply by four to determine the number of calls for the twenty-eight-day billing cycle. Last multiply the total number of calls by the average length of a call. If you’re not sure, go with forty-five seconds. Or to give yourself a cushion, round up to one minute.

This is the amount of time you expect to use during one billing cycle. Pick the plan that is closest to it without requiring more minutes. This is an ideal place to start.

But if you pick the wrong plan, don’t worry. You can always change to a better plan later.

Next Steps

  1. Once you’ve picked the right rate plan for your business, you can sign up online at any time.
  2. View our help desk article on call forwarding to determine the best option for forwarding your phones to us.

 If you have questions, call or text us at 800-450-9045.

As you consider partnering with us, here is some more information we want you to know:

Our Commitment

 In a rapidly consolidating industry, big corporate players have bought most of the small and medium size answering services. All that’s left is some exceedingly small operations and a few committed services like us!

 We are the right size to serve you with excellence. We’re not too big to care and not too small to do the job properly. We’re just the right size.

∙ We commit to you that we’ll never sell out.
∙ We are as passionate today as we were when we started 25 years ago.
∙ We love what we do, and so do our telephone agents. This reflects in every interaction we have with your customers.
∙ We deliver old fashion, personalized experiences, backed by the latest technology platform.
∙ Our entire business is client centric. Every policy, procedure, and decision revolve around you.
∙ Our clients are not just another number. We know them by name.

Our Value

 While our pricing is on the lower end of the spectrum, a business can’t deliver personalized service and be the cheapest in the market. We offer fair pricing, while delivering unmatched value.

 ∙ Lower overhead equals lower prices for you.
∙ Month to month billing, with no contracts – period.
∙ Proven fast call answering to serve your callers with excellence.
∙ Fewer clients mean we have a dedicated staff to offer personalized experiences.
∙ Deal directly with our owner whenever you need to.
∙ Highly trained agents are ready to serve you.

Our Experience

∙ We have helped every type of client, even in highly specialized verticals.
∙ We’ve been faithfully serving our clients for over 25 years.
∙ Our customers love us and stick with us.

Shall We Get Started?

 Call or text us at 800-450-9045 if you have questions.

Or sign up online at any time.