• Balanced Billing: 28-Day Billing Cycle

  • Freedom and Flexibility: No Contracts

  • Painless Startup: No Set Up and Programming Charges

  • Holiday Enjoyment: No Holiday Surprises

Medical Answering Service Pricing

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Every 28 days





$9 per billing cycle


Small Business


Every 28 days





$9 per billing cycle




Every 28 days





$9 per billing cycle




Every 28 days





$9 per billing cycle




Every 28 days





$9 per billing cycle




Every 28 days





$9 per billing cycle



Balanced Billing: 28-Day Billing Cycle

Historically answering services billed for their services once a month. But that’s not the best approach. Here’s why.

Some months are long with 31 days and others are a day shorter at 30. Then we have February, usually with 28 days. This means that the length of a month can have a 10 percent variance in length. With all other things remaining the same, the amount of usage from one billing to the next will also vary by 10 percent when using the monthly billing approach. As a result, some bills are more likely to incur unexpected overages. This makes budgeting a challenge.

To minimize these monthly usage variations, the smart solution is to bill every 28 days. This provides maximum consistency from one invoice to the next. It also reduces billing surprises that occur with the old monthly billing method, replacing them with 13 equal-length billing cycles.  Twenty-eight-day billing is an objective pricing model that we’re proud to offer here at Doctors Answering Service.

Freedom and Flexibility: No Contracts

Since we’re talking about medical office answering service pricing, rates, and cost, let’s address contracts. We don’t do contracts at Doctors Answering Service.

Contracts are bad for our clients. We don’t use them. Period.

These legal agreements lock you in and limit options. If you’ve signed a contract and want to switch answering services, you’ll need to pay the contracted amount to your old answering service even though you’re no longer using them.

The only way around this is to not switch. That’s what they’re counting on. If their service isn’t good enough to keep your business, their contract will. That’s no way to operate.

Contracts are not fair. And that’s not the way Doctors Answering Service functions. We’re confident in our service quality and won’t ever lock you in with a legal agreement.

Painless Startup: No Set Up and Programming Charges

Another sly trick of many answering services is to charge new clients a set up or programming fee. That means you must pay them just to prepare to work for you—before they answer a single call. In addition, this is a charge that can also exceed the amount of a typical invoice.

If you’re considering an answering service that charges a set-up fee for the privilege of getting your business, proceed with caution. Factor this extra charge into your cost analysis. Prorate these setup fees over one year and look at what your overall effective cost is. You could find it being more than 10 percent higher than what you expected.

Doctors Answering Service is pleased to serve you without assessing a set-up fee or programing charge for the privilege.

Holiday Enjoyment: No Holiday Surprises

Do you want your answering service to work for you on holidays? Of course, you do. Yet most telephone answering services charge extra for the privilege of answering your phone each holiday.

Is this fair? Of course not. But they don’t care. They view it as a cunning way to increase your bill—and their profits.

We do things differently with our physicians answering service rates. We do not charge holiday fees or levy an unfair surcharge. When a holiday rolls around, we’ll continue to answer your phone calls just like always. Same great service; same fair answering service rate.

Take the Next Step

When it comes to medical office answering service rates, there are many differences. And these add up to produce unwanted—and unappreciated—charges.

Don’t just look at the base rate because many answering services increase their overall price by charging holiday fees, tacking on set up and programming charges, and obligating you through a contract. This is in addition to their unpredictable monthly billing mentality.

So do yourself a favor (you deserve it). Go with a HIPAA compliant Doctors Telephone Answering Service and enjoy their fair prices and reasonable invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,  Our answering service is available nationwide. 

Yes. All incoming calls are billable because our rates are based on operator labor.

Doctors Answering Service knows that time is money for you, your callers, and us as a company. Our business model was designed with an operator infrastructure and telephony backbone that is unmatched in the industry. Our average hold time is less than 20 seconds, and less than 10% of our calls are ever placed on hold.

Yes. You can use a different method for delivery for each person, the choice is yours.

We respect the privacy of our clients and at this time do not furnish any references.

Yes we can provide local area telephone numbers for most areas of the United States.  In the event, a local number cannot be obtained a Toll-Free number will be provided at cost, for you to forward your phones to the answering service.

Certainly, most accounts can start with us the same day depending on the complexity of your account.

Absolutely not, although some of our accounts have found they can reduce their answering service bill by using this feature it is not required.  We always offer a “Live” answer but can explore whether or not using a pre-operator announcement would suit your needs.

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