Finally, a Healthcare Answering Service That Can Meet Your Practice’s Needs

Are you looking for a medical answering service to manage your medical practice’s calls? Look no further. We can provide the exact type of answering service you need, aligned with healthcare industry communication expectations.

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Flexible Health Care Answering Service

If you’re in the healthcare field and interact with patients, there’s a good chance you need a health care answering service for your organization.

Consider these key things that a leading health care answering service can do to enhance your day-to-day operations.

Quality Health-Care Answering Service

Serve Patients

As with most practitioners, you likely went into medicine to serve patients. This is your focus each day, and it provides purpose to help you keep moving forward.

Yet serving patients can also be demanding. Without proper balance, patient needs will take a toll on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

The solution? Use the services of a professional health care answering service to handle your after-hours calls and support your staff when your office is open.

You may wonder if an answering machine or voicemail will accomplish the same thing. In your eyes, it might. In your patient’s eyes, it doesn’t.

Patients will call whenever they have the need. It doesn’t matter if your office is open or closed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekday or weekend. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a holiday.

When they decide to call you, they expect an appropriate response. They expect to talk to a real person. That person doesn’t need to solve their problem, but that person does need to help them move closer to a solution.

A premier health care answering service is perfect to accomplish this.

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Cost-Effective Healthcare Answering Service

There was a time when health care practitioners took their own after-hours emergency phone calls from their patients. This was also a time when most patients would only call if it was a true emergency—and sometimes not even then.

Times have changed. As we’ve mentioned, patients will call whenever patients want to call. This happens regardless of the hour or day.

The result is that it’s impractical, not sustainable, and unhealthy for a health care provider to attempt to handle all their own after-hours calls.

Yes, some patients will need your attention when you’re not working. But let your trusty health care answering service screen those calls for you. They’ll help those they can help, take messages for your office staff to handle the next day, and contact you only for true emergencies. And they’ll do this according to your protocols and expectations.

This means no surprises and no unnecessary interruptions to your personal and family time. The best way to serve your patients is to protect yourself and your staff so you can pursue a reasonable work/life balance.

Bilingual Healthcare Answering Service

Do you interact with callers who prefer to communicate in Spanish? Do you have Spanish-speaking patients? Our English-Spanish bilingual staff is ready to help meet this important need.
When we fill our open medical answering service jobs, we carefully screen for and hire staff with country-neutral Spanish accents. This is critical for your Spanish-speaking patients and callers who may be sensitive to country-specific phraseology and accents. Don’t let a language barrier get in the way of your healthcare answering service addressing the needs of the Spanish-speaking population.

We can help.

Looking for a healthcare answering service that can meet your specific needs?

Look no further. Our company offers a flexible healthcare answering service that is aligned with the communication expectations of the healthcare industry. Whether you need assistance with after-hours calls or support during office hours, our professional answering service can handle it all.

Patients expect a prompt and appropriate response when they call their healthcare provider, regardless of the time or day. An answering machine or voicemail may not meet their expectations. That’s where our premier healthcare answering service comes in. Our team of trained professionals will ensure that your patients receive the assistance they need, helping them move closer to a solution. By using our service, you can focus on serving your patients while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

In addition to serving patients, our healthcare answering service can also protect your staff and facilitate greater efficiency. Handling all after-hours calls on your own can be impractical and unsustainable. Our answering service can screen calls, handle non-emergency inquiries, and contact you only for true emergencies, according to your protocols and expectations.

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Attract New Business

Though some health care providers may conclude that they don’t want any new business, this is short sighted. This perspective also doesn’t last for long.

This is because some patients will leave, others will no longer need your services, and some will pass away. If you don’t replace lost business, patient attrition will jeopardize the financial stability of your health care operation over time.

We’ve already said that patients will call when patients want to call, and that they expect to talk to a real person when they do call.

What happens when they call their regular provider and don’t receive the response they expect? They’re not going to try again later. They’re not going to wait until the next business day.

No, they’re going to hang up in disgust. They’re going to call another provider. And they’ll keep calling until a real person answers their phone and helps them.

And the provider that meets their expectations has a good chance of becoming their new health care provider. Your reliable health care answering service is the surest, most cost-effective way to make this happen.

Facilitate Structure

The final benefit that can occur when you have a seasoned health care answering service is that they can help you facilitate structure. Though this isn’t guaranteed, because some of this depends on you, they can provide the means to make it happen.

Here are some examples:

They can send you every message they take for you in electronic form. And if they do it once each morning, that’s a night’s worth of messages all in one document. You can use this handy information to triage callbacks and block out time to return phone calls. They provide the means to do so, making it easy for you to structure this process.

Similarly, they can provide you a report of every prospect they talked to. Feed these into your CMS (contact management system) and go to work at bringing these new patients into your fold.

A third option comes with those after-hour emergency phone calls. Use a third report to populate your EMR/EHR (electronic medical record/electronic health record) system.

Each one of these scenarios, along with many others provides the basis to support a structured process to facilitate greater efficiency and effectiveness.

And it all starts with your experienced health care answering service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a healthcare answering service and why do I need one?
A healthcare answering service is a professional service that handles after-hours calls and supports your staff when your office is open. It ensures that patients receive an appropriate response and can talk to a real person, even outside of regular office hours. It is essential for maintaining patient satisfaction and providing quality care.

How can a healthcare answering service benefit my practice?
A healthcare answering service can benefit your practice in several ways. It can protect your staff by screening after-hours calls and only contacting you for true emergencies. This allows you to maintain a work/life balance and avoid unnecessary interruptions. Additionally, it can attract new business by ensuring that patients receive the response they expect when they call. Finally, it can facilitate structure by providing reports and electronic messages that can be used to triage callbacks, manage prospects, and populate electronic medical records.

Can a healthcare answering service accommodate Spanish-speaking patients?
Yes, our healthcare answering service has bilingual staff who are ready to assist callers who prefer to communicate in Spanish. We carefully screen and hire staff with country-neutral Spanish accents to ensure effective communication with Spanish-speaking patients and callers. We understand the importance of addressing the needs of the Spanish-speaking population and strive to eliminate language barriers in our services.

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