Getting Started

We respect the privacy of our clients and at this time do not furnish any references.

Yes we can provide local area telephone numbers for most areas of the United States.  In the event, a local number cannot be obtained a Toll-Free number will be provided at cost, for you to forward your phones to the answering service.

Certainly, most accounts can start with us the same day depending on the complexity of your account.

Absolutely not, although some of our accounts have found they can reduce their answering service bill by using this feature it is not required.  We always offer a “Live” answer but can explore whether or not using a pre-operator announcement would suit your needs.

No, you are able to cancel at anytime.

Yes, we have Spanish speaking bilingual agents available at all times.

No there is no setup, programming fee or deposit.

Billing & Payments

You can view our complete answering service pricing here.

No, at this time we do not charge a holiday fee.

Using The Service

Yes,  Our answering service is available nationwide. 

Yes. All incoming calls are billable because our rates are based on operator labor.

Doctors Answering Service knows that time is money for you, your callers, and us as a company. Our business model was designed with an operator infrastructure and telephony backbone that is unmatched in the industry. Our average hold time is less than 20 seconds, and less than 10% of our calls are ever placed on hold.

Yes. You can use a different method for delivery for each person, the choice is yours.

 On our end, there is no limit.  However, some phone companies do limit the number of calls they will forward at a time.  Please check with your local phone company to determine if they limit the number of calls that can be forwarded.

Yes, all calls are answered in the United States, we never outsource!

 Yes, We do have a sophisticated voice mail system that can screen calls for you and provide information to your callers or transfer callers to voice mail all without using operator time thus reducing your bill.  But we don’t force you to use it.  Live answering service has been the hallmark of our business and always will be.

We can send your messages to you by secure encrypted email, secure encrypted alpha-numeric pager, secure encrypted phone app capable of receiving email or a phone call—whatever you want. SMS/Texting is not available because it’s not HIPAA compliant.  Secure encrypted email can be set up to function very similarly to SMS/Texting while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Avoid unwanted interruptions from spam and erroneous emails by selecting one email provider to be used by the answering service and another for everything else.  This way you control notification settings and sounds and are able to silence all other notifications. We highly recommend Protonmail ( ) as the secure email provider you use for answering service use.

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