Hire a Physicians Exchange to Meet and Exceed Your Practice’s Needs

Are you looking for a reliable doctors exchange to answer your medical practice’s calls? Look no further. We can provide you with the exact service that you want, geared specifically to the communication needs of the healthcare industry. Read on to discover more:

Flexible Doctors Exchange Service

Our doctors exchange is available to you anytime you need it, 24/7. Do you just need after-hours coverage? We can do that. Do you need overflow support during office hours? We can cover that too. The same goes for your lunch hour, breaks, and low staffing situations, such as personal days, sick days, and vacations. We’re here when you need us, anytime of the day or night, weekdays or weekends, and holidays too. That’s anytime, around-the-clock coverage.
We’re also flexible in how we communicate with you. We can send your messages to you by secure encrypted email, secure encrypted alpha-numeric pager, a secure encrypted phone app capable of receiving email, or a phone call, whichever option you want. SMS/texting is not available because it’s not HIPAA compliant. Secure encrypted email can be set up to function much like SMS/texting while maintaining HIPAA compliance. To avoid unwanted interruptions from spam and erroneous emails you can select one email provider to be used by the exchange and another for everything else. This way you can control the notification settings and are able to silence all other notifications. We highly recommend ProtonMail (https://proton.me/business/healthcare) as the secure email provider for your exchange’s use.  Secured encrypted alphanumeric pagers and phone app can be obtained through American Messaging Services, LLC – https://americanmessaging.net/

Doesn’t an after-hours medical exchange for a doctors office cost more? Isn’t there a price tag associated with a feature-rich medical office telephone exchange? Not necessarily. Our cost-effective solutions are sure to fit your budget. With half a dozen plans to pick from, we have the ideal service package for your practice regardless of the number of doctors, the size of your staff, or how big or small your office is.

Professional Physicians Exchange Service

Healthcare requires precision and an attention to details. Your patients expect that. Not only do they want their healthcare needs met, but professional interactions are also important to them. Your professional approach helps earn their respect and produce successful outcomes.
Though often overlooked, the need for professionalism extends to your medical exchange. If your doctors exchange doesn’t conduct themselves with excellence, they’ve just made your job harder.
If the staff at your exchange service made a bad first impression, you’ll need to overcome that before you can address the patient’s healthcare concerns. That’s why it’s critical to hire a medical practice after hours exchange service that emphasizes professional telephone interactions and quality communications.

Cost-Effective Doctors Exchange Service

What does a doctors exchange service cost? You may be surprised at how cost-effective a feature-rich, flexible, bilingual doctors exchange service can be. One of our service packages is sure to fit your budget. With a half dozen available plans, we have the perfect service package for your practice, regardless of how big or small it is or the number of doctors covered.

And unlike the competition, our physicians exchange service, doesn’t have a set up charge or holiday fees.

Bilingual Physicians Exchange Service

Do you have Spanish-speaking patients? Do you interact with callers who prefer to communicate in Spanish? Our English-Spanish bilingual staff is ready to help meet this growing need. We screen for and hire staff with country-neutral Spanish accents. This is key for your Spanish-speaking patients and callers who may be sensitive to country-specific accents and vocabulary. Don’t let a language barrier get in the way of your physicians exchange service addressing the needs of the Spanish-speaking population. Best of all, it’s included at no extra charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,  Our answering service is available nationwide. 

Yes. All incoming calls are billable because our rates are based on operator labor.

Doctors Answering Service knows that time is money for you, your callers, and us as a company. Our business model was designed with an operator infrastructure and telephony backbone that is unmatched in the industry. Our average hold time is less than 20 seconds, and less than 10% of our calls are ever placed on hold.

Sign up today or call 800-450-9045 to discover how Doctors Exchange Service can supply full-featured, flexible, and cost-effective HIPAA compliant physicians exchange solutions to your practice and your patients.

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