Dental Office Answering Service you can rely on.

Are you looking for a dental answering service specialist to manage your practice’s calls? Look no further. We can provide you with the exact type of answering service you want, geared specifically to the communication needs of dentists and their patients.

Dental call answering requires carefully trained and knowledgeable agents. For over twenty-five years, discerning dentists, like you, have trusted us to meet the communication needs of their dental offices. Knowing industry specific requests, how to handle dental-related situations, and having a well-selected and trained staff are the key components to finding the right solution for your dental practice. We believe you’ll find that with us. Here’s why:
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Professional Dental Office Answering Service

Your patients trust you with their dental health and oral hygiene. They return every six months for their cleaning and rely on you for wise advice. And when a problem arises that requires a filling, crown, or root canal they depend on you to make things right.

Don’t jeopardize your long-standing, ongoing relationship with your patients by risking a less-than-professional interaction with them when they call your office, whether during office hours or afterward.

You need a professional dental office answering service to best represent you to your patients when your staff isn’t available. Here’s what a dental office answering service can do for you.

Dentistry requires precision and an attentiveness to detail. Your patients expect that from you and your staff.
Though often overlooked, this need for professionalism extends to after-hours phone calls. That’s why you need an answering service, but if your answering service doesn’t conduct themselves with excellence, they’ve just made your job harder.
If your answering service made a bad first impression, you’ll need to overcome that negativity before you can begin to address the patient’s dental concerns. That’s why it’s critical to hire a dental answering service that places an emphasis on professional telephone interactions and quality communications.

Office Hours Backup

Most of the time you, your hygienists, and office support staff function with excellence, operating as a smooth-running machine. You are efficient, effective, and interact well with your patients.

Sometimes, however, things go awry.

This might happen during vacations, personal days, or sick time. Another area of weakness can occur during breaks and at lunch. And sometimes there’s just too much patient activity all at one time.

What happens then? Is your staff able to give your ringing telephone the focused, undivided attention that each caller deserves? It’s certainly a challenge.

Yet the solution is easy and cost-effective.

Hire a dental office answering service to back up your staff during office hours when things get hectic. They’ll provide the professional touch, from a real person, that your patients and callers expect and deserve. Show them respect by letting them talk to a person and not forcing them into infuriating technology solutions, such as an answering machine or voicemail.

If you only need after-hours service, we’ve got you covered. But we can also provide overflow support during office hours, including during lunch. We’re here when you need us, anytime of the day or night, on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. In short, our professional dental answering service is available to you anytime you need it, 24/7 to provide around-the-clock coverage.

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Uninterrupted Daytime Coverage

What hours are you open? Do these coincide with your patients’ expectations?

Not all dental practices are open five days a week. What do your patients experience when they call you when you’re closed on a business day? Don’t give them a reason to phone someone else. Instead, treat them as you’d want to be treated and have a real person from your dental office answering service talk to them.

The same applies for during the lunch hour. Other scenarios occur when they call before you open or just after you close.

If your practice offers evening hours one or two days a week, it’s likely that you open much later in the morning on those days. Make sure you have a dental office answering service staffing your phones until you arrive on those days.

The goal is to provide uninterrupted daytime telephone coverage to everyone who calls, whether or not someone’s in the office and able to answer.

Doesn’t all this cost more? Isn’t there a price tag associated with a professional, feature-rich, flexible answering service? It doesn’t have to. Our cost-effective solutions are sure to fit your budget. With six plans to select from, we have the ideal service package for your dental practice.

After Hours Emergency Response

A third consideration is on evenings and weekends. Though most of your work does occur during office hours, urgent situations and dental emergencies do arise outside of regular business hours.

The experience that your patients have when they call your office during these unexpected developments will influence your future interaction with them.

Having an always-available dental office answering service ready to handle their calls will provide them with assurance and draw them in to a tighter relationship with your practice.

Failing to do this, by subjecting them to an answering machine, voicemail, or—even worse—completely ignoring their call, will drive them away.

Lastly, do you have Spanish-speaking patients? Do you interact with callers who prefer to speak Spanish? Our English-Spanish bilingual staff is ready to help meet this growing need. We carefully screen for and hire staff with country-neutral Spanish accents. This is key for your Spanish-speaking patients and callers who may be sensitive to country-specific accents and vocabulary. Don’t let a language barrier get in the way of your dental answering service addressing the needs of the Spanish-speaking population. We can help.
And unlike most other answering services, we don’t have a set up charge or holiday fee. And if you need English-Spanish bilingual service, that’s included at no extra charge.

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Looking for a reliable dental office answering service?

Look no further. We specialize in providing answering services specifically tailored to the needs of dentists and their patients. With over twenty-five years of experience, we have gained the trust of discerning dentists who rely on us to handle their communication needs. Our well-trained and knowledgeable agents understand the unique requests and situations that arise in the dental industry, ensuring that your patients receive the professional and attentive service they expect.

A professional dental office answering service is essential to maintain the trust and confidence of your patients. Your patients rely on you for their dental health and expect precision and attention to detail from your practice. This level of professionalism should extend to after-hours phone calls as well. If your answering service does not conduct themselves with excellence, it can negatively impact your patients’ perception of your practice. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a dental answering service that prioritizes professional telephone interactions and quality communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dental office answering service and why do I need one?
A dental office answering service is a specialized service that manages your practice’s phone calls. It is important to have one because it ensures professional and efficient communication with your patients, even when your staff is unavailable. This helps maintain a positive relationship with your patients and ensures that their needs are addressed promptly.

What services does a dental office answering service provide?
A dental office answering service provides a range of services, including professional telephone interactions, quality communications, and backup support during office hours. They can handle calls during busy periods, lunch breaks, vacations, and after-hours. They also provide uninterrupted daytime coverage and can handle emergency calls outside of regular business hours. Additionally, they may offer bilingual support for Spanish-speaking patients.

How much does a dental office answering service cost?
The cost of a dental office answering service varies depending on the service package you choose. However, it is a cost-effective solution that can fit within your budget. With six plans to select from, you can find the ideal service package for your dental practice. Additionally, there are no set-up charges or holiday fees, and bilingual service is often included at no extra charge.”

The Smart Choice

When you look at the lifetime value of each patient in your practice, a small investment of only a few dollars a day is an easy decision to make in order to keep them coming back for each appointment year after year.

Sign up today or call 800-450-9045 to discover how we can provide you with a full-featured, flexible, and cost-effective HIPAA compliant dental office answering service to serve your patients and callers.