Elevate Your Dental Practice with a Professional Answering Service

You may wonder if you need a dental answering service. You may worry about the cost and not see the benefits that answering services for dental offices can provide. Though understandable, this is a short-sighted concern and misses the cost/benefit results that a dental office answering service can offer.

Consider these advantages that a phone answering service for dental office can provide.

Considering a dental answering service but worried about the costs? You may be overlooking the numerous benefits that outweigh the financial concerns. This guide elaborates on why an answering service is not just an optional luxury but a strategic necessity for your dental practice.

Office Hours Support

When you have staff in the office, they can answer your phone, right? Usually they can, but not always. What if everyone except your receptionist is with a patient, but she needs to use the restroom? The phone is bound to ring. It’s Murphy’s Law.

And don’t think you can ignore a call or two. They may call back—or they may not. More likely, they’ll hang up in disgust and call another dental office. You’ve just lost a patient, their lifetime value, and the lifetime value of their entire family.

But if you’ve hired a dental phone answering service to back up your office staff, the answering service will pick up those extra calls, no problem. This respects your patients and your staff. Using an answering service for dentists is a smart business move.

Closed Day Coverage

Though your dental practice may be open Monday through Friday, during regular business hours, most dentist offices are not. They may be closed certain days of the week, come in late and work late on another day, or not be around during lunch.

Yet your callers may not realize this. If it’s during regular business hours, they have every reason to expect someone to answer your phone. Don’t let them down.

Your staff might answer or your dentist phone answering service can handle this. Your patients usually won’t care, just as long as someone—a real person—answers.

Don’t miss their call. It will only irritate them or drive them away. When your phone rings during regular business hours, you can’t afford to ignore it.

After Hours Emergencies

As a dentist, your after hours emergency situations may be minimal. You may think you have yourself covered by referring emergencies to the local hospital emergency room (ER) or emergency department (ED).

But what if your patient rejects that option and then suffers a serious health crisis? In addition to not serving your patients, you may have a potential lawsuit on your hands. The risk—to them and to you—is too great to take.

Maximizing Office Efficiency with Office Hours Support

Your staff is generally capable of answering phone calls during office hours, but there are instances when they may not be available. Whether your receptionist needs a bathroom break or the entire team is busy with patients, missing even a single call can cost you dearly in the long run. A professional dental answering service steps in here, ensuring that all calls are attended to. This ensures that you maintain an excellent patient experience while also retaining the lifetime value of each client and their family. Contact us to explore options for your practice.

Consistency During Closed Days: Never Miss a Beat

While you may operate on weekdays, many dental practices have variable schedules. Some offices might be closed on certain days, operate beyond regular hours, or be unavailable during lunch breaks. The average caller, however, may not be privy to this information. With a dental answering service, you can ensure that all calls are picked up and attended to, irrespective of your operating hours.

Managing After-Hours Emergencies: A Safeguard for Your Practice

Emergencies may be rare, but they do happen, and when they do, the stakes are high. Not only do you risk the patient’s health by being unavailable, but you could also expose your practice to potential lawsuits. A dental answering service can mitigate these risks by providing immediate, professional responses to emergency calls after hours.

Reliable After-Hours Routine Coverage

Apart from emergencies, you can use a dental after-hours answering service for standard coverage as well. Whether it’s answering queries or scheduling appointments, it’s about treating your patients with the respect and attention they deserve, even outside of normal operating hours.

Enhance Brand Image

By using a professional answering service, you are essentially extending your brand image. When patients call and find a professional service answering on your behalf, they instinctively assign a higher value to your practice. This boosts your practice’s reputation, potentially attracting even more clients.

Gain Competitive Edge

In a market saturated with dental practices, differentiating yourself can be challenging. Offering a 24/7 answering service can set you apart from competitors who don’t offer this service. You’re not just providing dental services; you’re offering comprehensive patient care.


Though there is an upfront cost to hiring an answering service, the ROI can be substantial. From retaining patients to avoiding legal complications, the benefits often far outweigh the costs. When you look at the long-term gains, an answering service is an investment, not an expense.

The wise approach is a dental call answering service to handle those after-hours emergencies. They may not occur often, but everyone needs to receive prompt, professional care from the best dental answering service whenever they call.

After Hours Coverage

In addition to after hours emergencies, dentists can also use a dental after hours answering service for routine coverage too. Don’t let your patients down. Instead, treat them with respect when they call.

FAQ Section

  • Is a dental answering service expensive?
    • Costs vary, but the long-term benefits usually outweigh the upfront expenses.
  • What services can I expect?
    • From managing office calls to handling after-hours emergencies, the scope can be quite comprehensive.
  • How does it integrate with my existing office activities?
    • Most answering services offer seamless integration with your existing scheduling and record-keeping systems.


Investing in a dental answering service can transform your practice in numerous ways, from enhancing operational efficiency to providing an added layer of security against emergencies. The cost of implementing such a service is often dwarfed by the myriad benefits.

The Next Step

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