What Is a Medical Office Answering Service?

 What is a medical office answering service? What do they do? And why do you need one? Read on to learn more.

 A medical office answering service is a professional business organization that processes telephone calls from patients and their families for organizations in the healthcare industry. They are, in effect, a telephone answering service for the medical community.

 A medical office answering service can support and supplement your office staff when your office is open. More importantly, they can also handle all your calls when your office is closed. And if the situation arises, they can answer all your calls around the clock, for 24/7 coverage, including weekends and holidays.

 Though most healthcare practitioners deem after-hours coverage as an essential requirement for their medical office answering service, others also appreciate the value they can provide when your office is open.

 The good news is that you decide when you want them to answer your calls and when you don’t.

 Daytime Overflow Coverage

 Whether you are a single practitioner with your own practice, manage a medical group, or lead a clinic or other healthcare organization, you’ve mapped out an efficient strategy for how you attend to your patients’ healthcare needs. In theory, the daily work will flow from one activity to another in smooth precision.

 That’s a normal day.

 But in healthcare, normal days seem more the exception than the norm. Things get busy, hectic even. As your staff does more striving to best manage the patients in your office and waiting room, the telephone often takes a backseat.

 When your employees focus on the people in front of them and don’t feel they can divert their attention to answer a phone call, your medical office answering service can handle it for you.

 Often healthcare organizations tell their answering service that if we can’t answer the phone within a certain number of rings, for them to answer the call instead. This keeps patients from enduring the irritation of going to voicemail or, even worse, not having the call answered at all.

 Your medical office answering service can take messages and give out information to callers, as appropriate, according to your instructions.

 During Office Hours Staff Support

 Having this type of on-demand coverage from your medical office answering service is a great backup feature to have in place.

 But what happens if you’re short staffed due to vacations, personal days, or illnesses? What happens if you’re understaffed because you can’t find enough qualified workers to fill all your openings? Given the present worker shortage that most every business organization has, this dilemma will only get worse.

 If you’re undergoing this staffing situation, you’re not alone. Though your medical answering service can’t solve this for you 100 percent, they can 100 percent answer all your phone calls.

 That’s what they do. So let them do it. Just call forward your main phone line to your medical office answering service, and they’ll handle all your calls, both during office hours and when you’re closed.

 After Hours Call Handling

 What most people in the healthcare industry appreciate about medical office answering service providers is their ability to handle after-hours calls.

 They’ll answer every phone call for you.

  •  If it’s a routine matter, they’ll take a message for your office staff when they return the next business day.
  •  If it’s an urgent phone call, they’ll handle it according to your emergency protocols to either direct the patient to the emergency room or to your designated on-call person.
  • And if it’s a basic question, they’ll give information to your patient, and you won’t even need to get involved.

Versatility: Catering to Various Healthcare Settings

One of the remarkable advantages of a medical office answering service is its versatility. Whether you are an individual practitioner, part of a larger healthcare group, or running a specialized clinic, these services can be customized to fit your needs. This means that no matter your healthcare setting, you can benefit from a consistent, professional call-handling service that stays true to your brand’s voice and patient care standards.

Building Patient Trust: The Psychological Impact

A responsive and competent answering service does more than manage your calls; it builds trust with your patients. In a medical setting, timely communication can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. When patients know that their calls will be answered promptly and professionally, regardless of the hour, it fosters a sense of trust and reliability. This psychological benefit is invaluable, as a trusting patient is more likely to adhere to treatment plans and maintain a long-term relationship with your healthcare service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Answering Service Adapt to My Office Hours?

Yes, most answering services are flexible and can adapt to your specific office hours, providing 24/7 coverage if needed, including weekends and holidays.

2. Will the Answering Service Be HIPAA Compliant?

A reputable medical office answering service should be HIPAA compliant, ensuring the confidentiality and security of patient information.

3. How Quickly Can the Answering Service Be Implemented?

The implementation timeframe can vary, but most services can get you up and running relatively quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

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Why You Need a Medical Office Answering Service

With these amazing benefits—and knowing that a frustrated patient can defect to your competition with a simple phone call—having a medical office answering service as part of your team is a can’t-miss opportunity. And not only are they essential, but they’re also cost-effective.

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